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What Causes Sepsis (Blood Infection) in the Elderly?

Caring for an older adult can trigger destructive emotions. Learn some healthy ways to cope with the stress of caregiving.

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A Leading Cause of Death You Don't Even Know About

"A Leading Cause of Death You Don't Even Know About" by Harriet Brown for Oprah Magazine. To survive sepsis—the 11th leading cause of death in this country—you need to catch it early. But many patients don't even know what it is.

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Many people have never heard of #sepsis, or they don’t know what it is. But sepsis is one of the top 10 causes of disease-related death in the United States. The condition can arise suddenly and progress quickly, and it’s often hard to recognize.

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Infections: Understand Sepsis and Septic Shock

Sepsis and Septic Shock: Understanding Serious Infections: Proper Hand Washing Technique

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Sepsis is a huge healthcare problem world-wide with millions of people diagnosed every year. Sepsis and septic shock have a mortality rate of one in every four people and often can cause permanent disability in its survivors (Dellinger et al. 2013). The vastness of this number means the cost of sepsis is not only great in regards to mortality, but also on an economic and social scale. What Is Sepsis? Recently there has been updates regarding the definition of sepsis and septic shock which…

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Statin (cholesterol and lipid meds) Use May Be Linked To Musculoskeletal Conditions And Injuries

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Death in Your State: What’s the Most ‘Distinctive’ Killer?

The most ‘distinctive’ causes of death in each state range from sepsis and syphilis to deaths caused by law enforcement officers. Where does your state lie?

Possible Causes for low body temp when ill? Sepsis and thyroid can cause lower body temps. Janq - Do you normally have a temperature of 98.6 F. ? Some people have a normal temperature that is lower than the "typical normal". I know my temperature when not sick is normally any where from 95.8 to 97. When I'm ill the temp goes "up" to anywhere from 98.6 to 101 (that's really high for me.). Check with you md and find out what your "normal' is. Then go from there.

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