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The image from Kos that's making people rethink their views on migrants

Kos crisis: The story behind the photograph of a Syrian father shared by thousands online - Europe - World - The Independent

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Heartbreaking Cartoons Capture World's Sadness Over Drowned Syrian Boy

ISIS smuggler: 'We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West' 4,000 covert terrorists already in place 'awaiting' orders Read more at

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An open letter to anyone who ever talked down the refugee crisis

vluchtelingen komen maar ze zijn bijna nergens welkom. Dit plaatje weergeeft eigenlijk de hele inhoud van mijn werk. Dat de vluchtelingen uit angst proberen te vluchten maar nergens heen kunnen gaan, waardoor de vluchtelingen in wanhoop een andere veilige plek proberen te zoeken.

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UK immigration: what are the alternatives to a point-based system?

UK immigration: what are the alternatives to a point-based system? | UK news…

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Refugees and their European hosts – in pictures

Germany. Sabine Waldner with her daughters, Charlotte and Miriam, host two Syrian refugees, Juan, 16, and Mohammed, 16, classmates from Damascus, at their home in Falkensee, Berlin. Juan and Mohammed moved in with Waldner when they arrived in Germany in October 2015. ‘When they don’t clearly say what they want or need, because they don’t like to cause any inconvenience, it can be difficult. But it’s getting better as they are starting to accept that we see them as part of the family.’

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10 moving photos of Europe's migrant crisis

When Macedonia closed its border to migrants last month, after declaring a state of emergency, thousands spent a night in no-man's-land. The following morning they tried to push through police lines, leading officers to fire stun grenades into the crowd. AP photographer Darko Vojinovic captured this young father's despair. In the previous three weeks 39,000 migrants had been registered as they passed through the country en route for Serbia, and then Hungary - a member of the European Union.


Thousands of migrants to be housed in the UK and enrolled in taxpayer-funded English class

The UK has over 100,000 British families they are unable to house and are classed as 'homeless' and yet this headline tells all you need to know what your Government think about your future as 'British people' it is 'NOTHING' they don't care about you or your children - THOUSANDS of Syrian refugees are set to be settled in the UK as local councils vow to make room for them.


MIGRANT CLAMPDOWN: Record turnout expected at Hungary's anti-refugee referendum

THE people of Hungary are expected to vote in record numbers in what has become an anti-immigration referendum aimed at Brussels bureaucrats forcing them to take in migrants under EU quota schemes.

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China angered by U.S. criticism of anti-terror fight

China on Friday asked the United States to respect the fight against what Beijing says are militants in the far western region of Xinjiang, after Washington expressed concern about the lack of transparency in China's anti-terror campaign.,,jun16

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Refugees and their European hosts – in pictures

Germany. Manuela and Jörg Buisset, and daughter Nöemi, host Nourhan, 18, who has just had her second child (not pictured), Ahmed, 28, and their daughter Alin, 18 months, in Berlin. Manuela, 54, received a call saying there was a family in need of a place to stay. The Buissets welcomed the family into their new basement room and what was supposed to be a 10-day stay became an open-ended arrangement. It has been a little over a year since they moved in, but both families are happy and admit…