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It was mandated by the slave owner that only one breast could be used to feed the white child... If she switched up and let both black and white babies suckle from the same breast, she could be whipped. It was like then sharing the same water fountain. She wasn't a paid wet nurse who choose this profession. He was an enslaved woman who had to feed all the white babies first and her child last. So if milk went dry, they brought in another slave to feed his children.

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Wet Nursing 2.0


black slave breastfeeding white baby! Now how in the hell they wanted separate drinking fountains!


Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim,


From one of the largest brazilian photo collections, a white boy with his black wet nurse. Her name was Monica and she's depicted here with her best clothes, which were made to show her position (being a wet nurse to a wealthy family was a prestigious occupation) as well to honour her employees/owners' house and name. Unknown date.

Black Then | Black Wet Nurses And The Negative Connotations That Surrounds Them

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Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's wet nurse might have been his sister

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's wet nurse might have been his sister | Culture | The Guardian


Kaidan Chibusa Enoki: The ghostly tale of the wet nurse tree by Ito Seiu. This scroll shows the ghost holding the baby while standing under a waterfall at Juniso (where Tokyo's Shinjuku Chuo Park is now located).

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Civil War print - Slavery, Emancipation - Black wet nurse

Civil War print Slavery Emancipation Black wet by TheGrandReview, $50.00