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from Mail Online

Totally devoted: The monkey mother who just can't put her precious newborn down

Love in her eyes: Martha the western lowland gorilla tenderly embraces her two-week-old baby at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas yesterday

from Mail Online

Keep your paws off my baby! Zoo keepers are unable to get close to newborn gorilla because of its 16-stone protective mother

Tender grip: The primate was born four days ago as part of a successful breeding programme | Ozala at Twycross Zoo


Pictures of the day: 18 March 2011

I can't help but marvel at this gentle embrace <3

from The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: Gorilla Overload!

Ambam, a 21 year old Silverback gorilla, walks on his hind legs at Port Lympne Zoo in Kent Southeast England, on January 28, 2011. The male name Ambam, is part of a bachelor group of critically endangered Western Lowland Gorillas at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent. [Also on this board is a one minute VIDEO of him walking. st] AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall


Such a beautiful portrait of Western Lowland Gorilla. I love these animal, must have been a gorilla in my previous birth:)

from Mail Online

Hold tight son, we're flying home: The inspiring story of one man's mission to return a gorilla family from an English wildlife park to the jungle

A kind of man: Ambam has become an internet hit after teaching himself to swagger like a human


This male Lowland Gorilla is the dominant male of his harem and offspring. These guys are all muscle, and can snap a man's back into, like breaking a pencil. These are called Silverbacks.


Pictures of the day: 6 October 2011

We wouldn't want to let go of this cutie either! Baby Kukena was born at the…