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West Midlands Fire Service

from birminghammail

West Midlands Fire Service chooses Toyota over Jaguar Land Rover for BRV mini-engines

One of the new West Midlands Fire Service BRVs


Fighting Fire with Fire

Zulu are pleased to announce we have been asked to help the West Midlands Fire Service promote their range of services at the West Midland Fire Academy.

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Bearded dragon lizard saved by fire crews from blazing enclosure and revived with oxygen

Faith in humanity restored #4. Saved: Thorn the bearded dragon gets oxygen. Firefighters were called when a bulb overheated and dropped into the lizard’s home, known as a vivarium, setting a piece of wood alight. Two fire crews rushed to the scene and entered the smoke-filled building wearing breathing apparatus to rescue two-year-old Thorn from the basement of the house. West Midlands Fire Service, England by SWNS

from Mail Online

Flash flooding traps motorists as Met Office issues 10 flood alerts

West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) said they had been called out to deal with 5,000 litres of water in the radiotherapy section of the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital but no patients were present

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John MccNaughton / West Midlands Fire Service via EPA West Midland firefighters tackle a large blaze at a recycling plant called J & A Young, Dartmouth Road, Smethwick, England on July 1, 2013. More than 150 firefighters worked on the blaze involving 100,000 tons of plastic recycling material sending a plume of smoke is rising 6,000 feet into the air.

from the Guardian

Kennel Club dog photographer of the year 2016 – in pictures

A service dog from the West Midlands fire brigade, photographed by Robert James Dray from the UK, has won second place in the dogs at work category