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Want to create the perfect werewolf scratches? Check out this look from the Marina Ijichi from the Bury Benefit counter "Werewolf scratch" - Apply a thick coat of dare me lipstick onto the area with an angled brush. Then using the same type brush line it, just inside the shape, with the quick look busy shadow and blend it inwards. This helps give it a more raw flesh colour and gives it more depth. Finally use a concealer brush and boing concealer and sharpen and tidy up around the shape. xx


Monster feet. Looks like old pair shoes, some foam pieces, a few of those plastic teeth you stick in a pumpkin's mouth and some fur.


In this photo I took inspiration from the dark contour that had been done which made me want to keep all my colours dark for when it come to doing my werewolf. The lip colour caught my attention the most and I chosen to keep within my theme as soon as I seen this makeup and kept to using all nude/brown colours.


cosmeticevolution: Fierce. (the poetry of material things)