Happy #WerewolfWednesday! First up: Benicio Del Toro in “The Wolfman” (2010). Amazing work by Rick Baker of course.

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Aside for vision correction, contact lenses are also used for cosmetic purposes. A perfect example is the use of white contact lenses.

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In this photo I took inspiration from the dark contour that had been done which made me want to keep all my colours dark for when it come to doing my werewolf. The lip colour caught my attention the most and I chosen to keep within my theme as soon as I seen this makeup and kept to using all nude/brown colours.

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This image shows werwolf makeup, I want character to be in-between werewolf makeup and a werewolf character. I wouldn't want my facial piece to be on a structure so natural nut I don't want to create a beastly character

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Dress in all black, get some fuzzy ears, and paint your nails this way to make a quick and easy DIY werewolf costume.

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Monster feet. Looks like old pair shoes, some foam pieces, a few of those plastic teeth you stick in a pumpkin's mouth and some fur.

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