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Werewolf: Party Game

Werewolf, discovered by The Grommet, is a card game for devious people where werewolves try to hide their identity as they pick off other players one by one.

Wolfed (werewolf card game) by Nikolay Nedev — Kickstarter

Magic: the Gathering - Moonmist - Innistrad by Wizards of the Coast. $0.43. From…

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf The Card Game

This is the One Night Ultimate Werewolf Card Game that is produced by Bezier Games. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast paced game and each player gets to be a different role. You have only one night and one morning to determine which player is the Werewolf! Hopefully! One Night Ultimate Werewolf is what's known as a micro game. Small in stature and big on fun, it's a great party game. Each game lasts about 10 minutes and there is no elimination - just fun for everyone involved.  Requires 3 to 10 players Gameplay time is around 10 minutes Recommended Age: 8+ Condition: Brand New and Sealed


Wolfed is a card game, based on the famous (game) Mafia, also known as Werewolf. The rules are simple. The game is divided into days and nights. The werewolves kill a member of the village each night. During the day the remaining villagers need to find out who are the werewolves and lynch them, before they are all killed. The werewolves are considered winners once their number equals the number of the remaining survivors.


Magic: the Gathering - Asceticism - Scars of Mirrodin $2.78


The Resistance Indie Boards & Cards


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