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When his father tripped backwards, his eyes pleaded with his son, but there was no humanity left in him. Cain already marked him. He was the beast of the night, demon of the moon, the maneater of Lamoncha. With a ferocious swipe, his claw split his belly open. "I forgive you." They were his last words. "Larry Perry"


Vitruvian Werewolf - "Petre’s hands flexed into fists at his sides and his back arched. His eyes set and his entire frame became rigid. He growled and grew and didn’t care, for it was already too late. The transformation had been allowed to occur and he was out-of-control. All fists and fur, claws and fangs, he launched upon the helpless, mourning Prince entirely without mercy…" #DOD1 #epicfantasy #fiction #indie #series #DestinyofDragons #DOD


With her friends burning at the stake, a witch summons a werewolf to save them, but at an incredible price: the creature she summons is the creature she'll become.