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Welsh Symbols

Welsh Lovespoon - Love spoons are traditional Welsh gifts symbolizing love and devotion. She'll cherish the unique, thoughtful nature of this gift.


Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon). The Romans used the dragon as one of their symbols of power. Into battle they would carry a metal head of a dragon in which they would light a fire. This would burn fiercely in the wind and seems to be where all the legends of fire breathing dragons come from. When the Romans left Britain it seems that the dragon was adopted by others as their symbol of power. Hence the Welsh Dragon of today.

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Illustrated weather symbols in Welsh

Illustrated weather symbols in Welsh by apalelandscape on Etsy, £15.00 Just because it is welsh.


the most famous symbol of Wales, the Red Dragon, or as it is known in Welsh, " Y Ddraig Goch" (pronounced uh thraig go-k)


Welsh love spoon, a romantic tradition. when a young man wanted to court a young lady he would carve a spoon to show off his talent and to prove his love. Each symbol on a lovespoon has a different meaning.


The Welsh God DEWI - Most People do not realize that the Welsh Dragon actually is an ancient Welsh God The Red Dragon of wales Derived from the Pagan God, Dewi. Dewi, whose crimson form was said to have appeared in King Arthur's dreams, has been depicted on the Welsh banner since at least the departure of the Roman legions, is the official emblem of Wales, and was derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented Dewi. (Read more in th comments below.)