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Anthony Hopkins

[BORN] Anthony Hopkins/ Born: Philip Anthony Hopkins, December 31, 1937 in Margam, Port Talbot, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK #actor


And as I sit here painting, my Raven pair soar across the woods and perch in my Acer, they get braver and tamer every day, they don't seem bothered by sleeping Wolfie either. The Doves, the Robins, the Crows, the Ravens, the Sparrows, the Wrens, the Blackbirds, they have lost their fear of me... Watching me, watching them ♥


The TYLWYTH TEG is the Welsh name for the fairy race. It means the ‘fair people,tribe or family.


Offa's Dyke Path is one of twelve designated National Trails. With Hadrians Wall It is the only national trail to follow a man-made feature. Built by Offa, King of Mercia in 757 to 796 AD the dyke formed the boundary between England & Wales, running 182 miles from Prestatyn in the north to Sedbury, near Chepstow in the south. Men from the border country along the Mercian (English) side all had to contribute: they could send food or they could build 128cm of dyke.


The Westie is the bestie: Devon the terrier wins Crufts 2016


Names - Meaning of Neely - Champion. I have also seen Victorious. In 1990, according to my research, there were 24 babies named Neely and I was one of them!