Henry Tudor flew the red dragon of Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon as his banner, overlaid on a green and white field representing the Tudor House, when he marched through Wales on his way to Bosworth Field. After the battle the flag was carried in state to St. Paul's Cathedral to be blessed. Royal Badge

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In the fourth, he narrowly escapes arrest for debt by Welsh bailiffs (as signified by the leeks, a Welsh emblem, in their hats) as he travels in a sedan chair to a party at St. James's Palace to celebrate Queen Caroline's birthday on Saint David's Day (Saint David is the patron saint of Wales). On this occasion he is saved by the intervention of Sarah Young, the girl he had earlier rejected; she is apparently a dealer in millinery.

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Welsh Dragon Red Crystal Brooch Badge Emblem - Gift Bagged

Filth Wizardry: Saint David's day crafts. I have no idea what Saint David's Day is, but I'm all for leeks!

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The badge of the Welsh Guards with a leek, national emblem of Wales, at the centre. (Historic UK)

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