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Wells Fargo to pay $185 million settlement for 'outrageous' sales culture

Did this happen to you if you are a Wells Fargo customer? Wells Fargo to pay $150 million-plus over allegations its workers opened fake accounts,2cd6eee3-af04-839f-5613-b154a5a953ae

Brian Kennedy was surprised when he logged onto the Wells Fargo website to pay his mortgage and discovered he had a checking account he never asked for.

Banks - Find and Share Banks. Wells Fargo.You'll never have trouble finding a branch, that's for sure. It has the most locations of any bank in America: 6,200. If you don't feel like dealing with a human, their mobile banking app syncs up with their website. The website also lets you manage any of their products, from checking accounts, to credit cards, car loans and investments.

Researchers at a marine lab in Florida rehabilitate endangered sea turtles, eventually returning them to the ocean – with the help of Wells Fargo grants.

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Wells Fargo customers livid over phantom accounts

Wells Fargo customers express outrage over unauthorized accounts opened in their…

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Wells fargo scamming. I not open any accounts recently online. Sod off people. Had I clicked on any of those links it would have taken me to a look-alike spam site.

Wells Fargo Office in Benton, California. (photo + submission by Miklos Kiss) Benton (formerly known as Benton Station) is an unincorporated community in Mono County, California. According to the Mono County’s government website, the population as of...

WELLS FARGO: 160th Anniversary: Wells Fargo History / 160th Anniversary: On March 18, 1852, in New York City, Henry Wells, William Fargo and others signed articles of association for a joint stock company to do a banking and express business in distant California. Rushing for gold and silver in the West, overland by pony and stagecoach, offering “Ocean-to-Ocean” service by 1888 Wells, Fargo & Co. grew with the nation and is part of American History.