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Well Done Meaning


Awesome Collection of Underground Film Art Posters in the New Book by Matthew Chojnacki

This piece is a very well done example of typographic art. It integrates the thematic elements of the title into its very shape and form yet retains its legibility and textual meaning as well.


This one is for my mom, who calls me heartless sometimes, it's a true thing about some topics, and I cared so much about them at one point, when I say I won't apologize and I truly don't genuinely care, I mean it...


“Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin Words are just fluff if your actions don't back them up.

Well done to the boys' U19A Table Tennis team who won the county tournament last week, as well as our B team who came second. This means that the A team move on to the Zonal rounds after Christmas.