All my cosplay/roleplay fantasies can come true now! <3 Can someone give me these for Christmas? Pleeaaaase?

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"Don't worry we'll ease into it and start small. Onto Japanese tentacle porn! And then cat videos, and then a combination of the two!" <Are we sure the tenticle porn should fit in before the cat videos? Also, there are tenticle porn cat videos?

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Interesting use of type faces that make the website friendly and welcoming. The imagery is strong as says a lot about the product. Easy to navigate through the website and both images and text contribute to the information being clearly displayed and provided.

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heart 2 - video games Welcome to ilikecheats - PC Game Hacking, the world's leader in Infestation Hacks & Cheats, The WarZ Hacks, Combat Arms Hacks, BF4 Hacks, Battlefield 4 Hacks, Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks, Call of Duty GHosts CHeats and More for Shooter Game Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

Welcome to Week 32 of my Tuesday’s Texture blog series, where each Tuesday I share a piece of textured art that caught my eye somewhere in the Blogosphere. This gorgeous tag comes from Rebecca Morr...

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Flourish studios blog - shows branding from first mood board, to colour schemes, logo, patterns

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