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Humans have literally never evolved.

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Some Hitler Facts

Some Hitler Facts

People don't like to face the fact that hitler was not only a monster, but human as well. It makes you realize that anyone can be a monster, despite their humanity

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Titanic’s Darkest Secrets

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You never would’ve guessed these happened around the same time…

10% of Europeans are immune to HIV - WTF fun fact | Follow @gwylio0148 or visit for more diy/kids/pets videos

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Source(s) on our blog, under the photo:

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Spectacular photographs show the moment Niagara Falls FROZE

Niagara Falls fact. It's true, there have been winters so cold in Canada that Niagara Falls froze. You can see pictures in the historic Brock Hotel in Niagara Falls (along with a picture of Marilyn Monroe visiting the Falls!!)

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