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Weekend At Bernie's Cast

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Baby gets cast in Mom and Dad’s cardboard remakes of famous films : theCHIVE

weekend at bernies cast - Google Search

An ensemble cast of cocktails with names borrowed from famous flicks awaits at the bar: Wait until Twilight then party From Dusk to Dawn all Weekend at Bernie's until you have a Hangover 2! Draft and bottled beers and wine are also available.

Cast in a New York Times op-ed published late Tuesday evening, Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a stark warning to the Democratic Party leadership that if they don't wake up to the profound dissatisfaction of the poor and working classes in the United States, they may very well wake up to a similar shock experienced by many in the United Kingdom last week when a majority—fueled largely by financial frustrations—chose to leave the European Union.

[Another attempt at voter suppression!] Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton | Common Dreams - 5 June 2016 [as NJ polls close, the media plan to declare Clinton the nominee. Says Sanders: "That simply is not accurate."


Sanders defeats Clinton in Oklahoma vote Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has defeated Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma's Democratic primary winning a contest that the former secretary of state had picked up eight years ago. Sanders drew large enthusiastic crowds in two recent visits to Oklahoma City and Tulsa and both candidates made television ad buys in the Sooner State. In 2008 Clinton won the Oklahoma presidential primary but eventually lost the nomination to Barack Obama. Former President…

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Elizabeth Warren Sinks Clinton's Hopes For Endorsement

In a speech before the Senate Thursday, on the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Elizabeth Warren made clear -- for those with ears to hear -- that she will not end...


WATCHTOWERHillary Clinton Beats Sanders In The Northern Marianas Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has defeated Bernie Sanders in the Northern Mariana Islands Democratic Caucus. The Democratic front runner earned 54 percent of the vote in Saturdays contest sailing past Sanders by a comfortable margin of 20 points. Clinton will consequently come away from this weekends sole Democratic Party caucus with four pledged delegates. Sanders earned two delegates for his share of the vote. Its…