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Wedding Videography Examples

How to plan a #Wedding #Ceremony ♡ WEDDING VOWS ... EXAMPLE ♡ ♡ Weddings by Colour ♡


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This moment with @cathryn_emma and Matthew is a perfect example of what I look for in a good screen capture from #wedding video. There is always the briefest gap of time where the tension of the ceremony performance fades away and the crowd erupts in applause and they look into each others eyes as a married couple for the first time just before their first kiss. That 1-second (24 frames) makes everything else feel like bonus content #weddingvideo #firstkiss #screenshot #polarr #love…

After watching the sample video for Hello Super 8 and resultantly being a mess of tears, I can safely say that I see the absolute merit in having a video by which to remember your wedding. Love the old-style quality of the film; love the obvious knack for capturing memories that this group has.


It started with a simple meeting amongst vendors at the Botanical Gardens. I am sitting there waiting to show examples of my work. I pulled up my laptop and show one of my wedding films. Kristina immediately starts to cry. It was nothing new. I had gotten that reaction from other people before. It is a great feeling. #intellectmedia #wedding #videography #cinematography #weddingvideography #virginiaweddingvideography

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