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Cy Twombly obituary

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Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell                                               I got Dragon Wings

Ancient Greek Theater masks. The Ancient Greek term for a mask is "prosopon" (lit., "face") and was a significant element in the worship of Dionysus at Athens

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This is an image of a woman holding a piece of paper with a picture of her future face. Here, you can see both her present/past face and future face.

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annsymes: livre-de-matieres: bewildered-making-present: banausicc: visicert: secondproxy: urbsolare: fhwrdh: figure-chair.jpg 398×646 pixels

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Establish Moods for Successful Landscape Paintings LIVE with Johannes Vloothuis' Paint Along 28

Establish Moods for Successful Landscape Paintings LIVE with Johannes Vloothuis Paint Along 28

Paolo Troilo: de los dedos al lienzo

His portfolio of paintings mostly involve one of the most difficult subjects to paint; the human body. The forms are strong in shape and evoke a powerful energy as splashes of paint shoot out from the body. His paintings seem to suggest a feeling of struggle as one looks at the flexed muscles and open mouths yelling to the skies. His works are currently for sale at Coup D’Etat in San Francisco. See more of his works at his website.

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Great guide for art therapy groups conducted in detention setting where art media may not be permitted for use...can show slides of famous artworks and ask the questions to reach for insight, meaning and participants' responses..

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