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Web Camera Test

from Melyssa Griffin

5 Useful Apps To Edit Your Photos for Instagram

The key to a growing audience on Instagram is attractive, high quality photos. And hey! You don’t need to spend a fortune for that. Smart phone cameras coupled with awesome photography apps make it possible to capture brilliant photos on the go without the hassle of bulky photography equipment and complicated editing processes.

from TechRadar

HDR explained: better results from multiple exposures

From bracketing and AE Lock to exposure compensation and more, learn when it’s best to use each option for adjusting exposure so you get it right every time

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10 Ideas for Blog and Instagram Photography

10 ideas for blog and instagram photography that are under $20!


! STATUS tested, still coded - by zerbu - PARANOID Trait : These Sims are Tense by default and their Fun needs decay slower. - Effects : Sims will be Tense by default instead of Fine. Sims will lose Fun at only half the speed. (The reason for this is that Paranoid Sims are less concerned with having fun) - Notes : I considered making Sims’ Bladder needs decay faster, but then thought that it would probably just be a nuisance to the player, rather than a fun feature.


TUTORIAL | Top 25 Most Common Questions for SONY Alpha A6000 APS-C Mirrorless Camera - YouTube

Megapixel vs Print size vs. Quality. Super handy chart!

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11 Amazing & Rare Natural Phenomenons

En la obra En una Tempesdad la costumbre del personaje es de representar su fustracion con la tormenta de lluvia. La tormenta representa todos los sentimientos que el personaje siente.

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What's Nokia got to shout about?

What's Nokia got to shout about? | Lumia 800: not Nokia-ing on Heaven's door Buying advice from the leading technology site

GRADE CAM - "The fastest, easiest way to assess your students." Well, almost. Don't want to wait for scantrons to be scored? Create your own bubble sheets, have students fill in answers, and let your camera score them for you! Up to 10 questions is always free and other plans are available.