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Weather Underground Nyc

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A journey to the world's largest cave

With its own weather system and underground clouds, a trip to Vietnam's Hang Son Doong is a jaw-dropping adventure like no other


Top 10 Worst Blizzards U.S. History

The Great Blizzard of 1888 brought 40-50 inches of snow to many states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. It’s said that the storm wrapped areas from the Chesapeake all the way north to Maine. Along with the heavy snow came snow drifts as high as 50ft because of 45mph winds.


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WEBSTA @ l0tsabraids_ - I suck at posting.•Photo by @underground_nyc this is such a lovely portrait😍•New video up on @vacantbraidsIdk weather or not to post it on here😁

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The spectacle of terror and its vested interests

Pieces of a pipe bomb confiscated in NYC

Snow or Ice, Who's the biggest bastard See more at

Termites in Zimbabwe build gigantic mounds inside of which they farm a fungus that is their primary food source. The fungus must be kept at exactly 87 degrees F, while the temperatures outside range from 35 degrees F at night to 104 degrees F during the day. The termites achieve this remarkable feat by constantly opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents throughout the mound over the course of the day.

from BBC News

Deadly snowstorm hits northern US

Snow covers a street at daybreak in Buffalo. Elsewhere: a women's basketball team from Niagara University was left stranded on a roadway for nearly 30 hours before being picked up by authorities. A woman had to give birth in a Buffalo fire station after attempts to travel to a hospital failed In Corpus Christi, Texas, experts were caring for more than 100 turtles stranded on Gulf Coast beaches due to cold weather Train service in parts of New York state was suspended on Wednesday. ...

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