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These 20 Jokes Are Hilarious If You're From North Carolina

December weather in North Carolina This is so true!! But the sooner I move there the happier I'll be. Beach all day, downtown at night. Being where my kids are, life is good

Eastern NC Bucket List -- One Hundred Things To Do In (and around) Eastern North Carolina

8 Reactions Every Southerner Has to Winter Weather

Tracking our emotional reactions to winter weather in North Carolina, inch by snowy inch.


What Natural Disasters Are Most Likely in North Carolina


Spellbound mentioned in Baltimore magaizne--and it brought us customers! Asheville is a great destination for, well, everyone - Baltimore magazine

Wish we had the weather to go along with Christmas! It's HOT in North Carolina right now! My rotation interlude turned out to be a Christ...

Weather in North Carolina (credit:# ChathamNC & @WRAL)

The Story of Tobacco Barns in North Carolina