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Weather For August


The best of British flowers for summer, by five top florists


Day 391 of 'A Photograph Every day For The Rest Of My Life' Saturday 20th August 2016 'Hove Beach' Over the last few weeks I have been able to completely indulge my love of swimming in the sea. The waters have been calm and with the good weather the sea is pretty warm at the moment. I have been making the effort to take a dip each day and am 'loving it'. Today's photograph was taken just before sunset on Hove beach. A range of Gill's images are available to purchase at


Day 399 of 'A Photograph Every Day For The Rest Of My Life' Monday 29th August 2016 'Windfall Apples' In my garden in Barcombe is the most prolific apple tree, I never really do anything with it, just trim it back in the autumn, but no matter what the weather every year it produces an abundant crop of eating apples, we are not sure what type of apple, but they taste somewhere between a Galla & a Pink Lady. Isaac picked them for his restaurant


John Piper, ‘Seaton Delaval’ 1941. Piper described the castle’s colouring as ‘ochre and flame licked red, pock-marked and stained... incredibly up-to-date: very much of our times’. I love Piper and his architectural paintings from the war period seem like both a lament for a lost time and an anticipation of the ruin of these great buildings...