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Teaching Plurals! How Cute And Easy! Teaching plurals- easy to make by simply folding sentence strips! How awesome!

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Complete your backyard landscaping with a gated arbor like this leading out to beautiful gardens. Notice how the brick arbor, the cream colored gate and lush greenery complement each other so well. We love adding beautiful landscape designs to homes in th

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Its so cute when they talk through each other through twitter<<<BUT WE ALSO BEED TO ADDRESS "" BREKKIES"" AMIRITE

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I want a relationship like Sheldon and Amy have. He was this awkward person who didn't even really know what love was, and didn't want anything to do with it. Now that Amy is here, he's a different person. He's okay with kissing and loving each other.

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Nature's Embrace On a magical twilight night, high above the golden moonlit landscape, two trees embrace in a demonstration of perfect love. Their roots entwined, and birds singing joyfully in their branches, they give us all a lesson on how we should treat our precious earth. If only we could all embrace each other in such perfect harmony..!! Art by Josephine Wall

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Johnlock ♥ ~ohhh shit this is cute. what's the background of john in the second bit? listening to a fight or?

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Neat page idea, journaling things you learned to love either on a trip or over a lifetime. Great way to show that just by trying something, even once, you may discover you like it

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Nicola Roberts defends Cheryl's whirlwind marriage

AGREED. When I had my heart broken people said "you were only with him for a year..." understands and appreciates real #love

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i wish everyone was accepted for how beautiful they are on the inside, not what they look like on the outside.

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