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Make Candle Wax Warmer Melts, Tarts, and Cubes: The Complete DIY Guide!

The complete DIY guide. Everything you need to know to make non toxic candle wax warmer melts, tarts, and cubes for cheap!

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Making Fairy Floss Wax Melts

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How to make Wax Melts with Candy Molds - Crafts Unleashed

If you use wax warmers, you will love this inexpensive DIY project! Follow along to learn how to make wax melts with candy molds!

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Make your own wax melts! 1 cup of parafin wax shredded with cheese grater 30 drops essential oil melt wax slowly in a pan on stove then poor into empty wax melt container or any other plastic shape you would like Put in freezer until re-set and firm

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An easy project from The Natural Beauty Workshop to make naturally scented wax potpourri.

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