Probability densities for the electron of a hydrogen atom in different quantum states. (ref:

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“The universe seems to like talking to itself faster than the speed of light,” said Steinberg. “I could understand a universe where nothing can go faster than light, but a universe where the internal workings operate faster than light, and yet we’re forbidden from ever making use of that at the macroscopic level — it’s very hard to understand.”

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Does the quantum wave function represent reality? At the heart of quantum mechanics lies the wave function, a probability function used by physicists to understand the nanoscale world. Using the wave function, physicists can calculate a system's future behavior, but only with a certain probability. This inherently probabilistic nature of quantum theory differs from the certainty with which scientists can describe the classical world, leading to a debate on how to interpret the wave function.

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Note: In the first shown photo, there is 2 LED curtain lights that are connected together. This is a yellow color LED. White LED is in the 3rd photo.

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