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Copper Water Pitcher

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Water Pitcher Block by Antonio Aricò

The shape of Water Pitcher Block feels and looks much like an oversized ice cube that can be filled up with water and ice through a small hole on the top that also protects the water from dust.

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The best fruit infused water bottles and pitchers available. These infusers make creating flavored water recipes easier. Dishwasher safe and table ready.

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Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews Guide 2015

The Santevia alkaline water pitcher comes in blue, black, white or green which is my favorite.

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10 Cheap but creative ideas for your garden 4

SENSUOUS - Crunch of gravel, trilling water, warmth of candle light, hearing refreshments poured from a pretty pitcher, feel of foliage upon your arm, repetition of color house-furniture-shutters-arbor-fountain-gravel, scale, flow, texture, vanishing thre

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