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Instead of antlers, the male Chinese water deer bears enlarged upper canine teeth, which form long, slightly curved tusks that measure up to three inches in length and protrude like fangs from the side of the mouth.


The Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis), also known as the vampire deer, is a small deer superficially more similar to a musk deer than a true deer.


Chinese Water Deer are peaceful creatures who instead of antlers, have a pair of prominent tusks. They are used for territorial fights with other males during mating season.


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Chinese Water Deer that run wild on Woodwalton Fen Nature Reserve - Cambridgeshire, England (by Guy on 500px)


Chinese Water Deer - Skulls – An Exploration: via @Skull_Society


The skull of the Chinese Water Deer is one of the most iconic skulls out there. Like many small Asian deer species, it does not have antlers. Instead the males fight each other with their extremely...


Chinese Water Deer are a non-native species introduced from Chinese populations along the Yangtze River where they are on the IUCN ‘red list’ as a vulnerable species. They are said to be the most primitive living member of the Cervidae family, in part because the buck carries large canine teeth or tusks and has no antlers, characteristics that other deer have evolved beyond. This makes the Chinese water deer a biologically important animal.