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from The Hypertufa Gardener

Draping Fabric as Hypertufa

Cement Cloth Planters, flip it and you could have a table.

Making Cement Garden Mushrooms


Cement Cloth Planters Its a one to four ratio... ( 2 cups cement to 8 cups water) however much u want to make. They said to make it the thickness of onion ring batter. Make sure that your cloth is well saturated before you drape it


Put old cloth in cement water and drape over a container. Let dry and paint. Cement cloth planters!


Rock pot for the garden. Hypertufa container made of quick set Portland cement, perlite or vermiculite, peat moss and water. All ingredients are 1:1:1:1 ratio.

Hypertufa Step 1: Mix dry ingredients 1:1:1 Portland Cement:Perlite(vermiculite):Peat Moss


No fines concrete mix ratio 6 : 1 ... 6 x 20mm crushed blue metal 1 x Portland cement No fines concrete will allow water to pass through but still have a compressive strength of around 1.4 MPa to about 14 MPa depending on the ratio chosen

from jadeflower

Homemade Planters

DIY concrete planter! The easiest and cheapest version I've found. You can reuse the same tote as a mold. Brilliant.


Tremix Flooring :- Tremix – due to less water cement ratio , maintains a high abrasion resistance. With the help of surface vibrator, floater an even & uniform leveled surface is created; thereby saving cost of extra floor finish. Most suitable for factory floors, industrial roads etc.

Aggregate cement ratio (by weight) required to give four degrees of workability with different water –cement ratios using ordinary Portland cement