Rain Water Catchment: All 4 tanks in position, levelled, and connected via a 40mm pipe running along the bottom

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Rain Harvesting Into The Soil Instead Of Your Tiny Rainwater Barrel - how'd you like this in your backyard?

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Customer in Arkansas first to put an 84" RainSaucer on a 270 gallon IBC Tote. This setup is uphill from the home. She plans on feeding it to a small water tower near the garden for easy irrigation.

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Using rainwater for toilets, washing machines, and gardening is a great way to cut down on water bills!

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Rain catchment barrels are used as a way collect water for watering your garden. You can even beautify your rain catchment barrels to improve visual appeal.

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A bubbling fountain in the middle of a decorative metal grate. My kids love to play with this small, simple water feature for hours! I think it would be a fun design to include in a home garden.

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Rock Bass found in the Missippi, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior drainage basins. Also common in medium to large streams and lakes throughout Wisconsin.

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