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A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia

Ashol-Pan is a Kazakh girl from Mongolia who is learning to hunt with a golden eagle -- an ancient, but traditionally male, activity. Photo courtesy of Asher Svidensky and BBC News. Thanks to Mary Ellen Foley for the find!

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The perfect symbol of your love. For now and forever. Get inspired by this gorgeous Taylor & Hart ring - an emerald-cut yellow sapphire with diamond baguette side stones and bead-set white diamond band.

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An aquamarine and ruby dress ring Set to the centre with a cut-cornered step-cut aquamarine, between square-cut ruby shoulders,

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The blackness that had once surrounded him cleared, revealing a old building in ruins. He put the pocket watch away and stared around in awe. It had worked he was in the future. And across from him lounged a women in a blue hooded cloak. "It's about bloody time" she exclaims.

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Love it ♡♡♡ <<< Gaaahhh! The feels! This is what I ship! CaptainSwan being adorable!. :)

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