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RASENGAN!! Aaaaaaaah this is so awesome. To this day, still the coolest move I have ever seen!

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Naruto Shippuden » Humor » Demotivational Poster | "Why hello there Orochimaru, nice of you to come and support Gaara" | #gaara #orochimaru

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lol naruto! you scared Yamato, best ever! Yamato is always getting Naruto so it's about time :D lol

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Forever repin because Temari's face perfectly matched mine at this scene.

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I've been watching Naruto since I was 8 and got devoted to it. However the episodes where HINATA and Naruto got together and SAKURA and SASUKE got together destroyed absolutely everything. DUDE, THE WRITER EVEN HINTED THAT SAKURA STARTED TO HAVE A LITTLE FEELINGS FOR HIM. my 5 years of hopes had been crushed by that ending.

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Naruto Shippuden - Team 7 the happiest day of my life ♥ when team 7 was back together ♥

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zabuza and haku. They died good deaths... <-- still, I'm going to be sitting in a corner, crying my eyes out

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That's So Funny << I think it's funny that kakashi is a scarecrow......HIS NAME MEANS SCARECROW

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Sakura watching Naruto and Sasuke with their masters Jiraiya and Orochimaru, then her's show up; Tsunade

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