This has a very specific meaning to it, with a nice use of mist and almost zero light to give a sense of style as well.

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Last Spring, I decided to binge watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix and I have no idea why I waited as long as I did to watch it. It easily became one of my favorite shows and almost a year later I am still in love with Tim Riggins and wish that I was Lyla …

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In case you haven't had the EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL experience of watching Friday Night Lights — this is Matt Saracen, sometime quarterback for the Dillon Panthers.

My FAVORITE Show EVER. I completely agree with these: 10 Reasons To Watch Friday Night Lights |

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When Matt Lauria joined the Parenthood cast as Sgt. Ryan York, after he left for war as Luke Cafferty in the last episode of Friday Night Lights. | 10 Times “Friday Night Lights” And “Parenthood” Were The Exact Same Show

Friday Night Lights: The Beginning | What It’s Like Watching "Friday Night Lights" For The First Time

What it's like to watch Friday Night lights for the first time. Or the 127th. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts.

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