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Royal Society reveals best nature pictures of the year

Tadpoles overhead. Overall winner, Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science. Tadpoles of many anuran species come in high numbers, but not many make it to adulthood. Here a group of common toad (Bufo bufo) tadpoles is seen from below by Bert Willaert, Belgium. It was shot with a canon G12 camera in a Recsea underwater housing and a Dyron dome port.

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Foster donkeys Bock and Eddie in Cheshire -- The Donkey Sanctuary .....This place has a web cam online where you can see some of the donkeys....great place.

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Pictured: The world's first bionic sea creature: Winter the dolphin gets a prosthetic tail

Winter was a wild dolphin until she was caught in a crab net and had to have her…

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The mystery of the missing mistle thrush: Experts baffled by 'haemorrhaging' population in British gardens

The Mistle Thrush is fast disappearing from the UK's gardens, wildlife experts warned today as they urged people to take part in an annual survey to collect information about bird species. Results from the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey have shown that mistle thrushes are now being seen in fewer than half the number of gardens they were spotted in 10 years ago.

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'The noise rang in my head for hours': Incredible photos of 1.3million geese taking off on their migration home

The stunning scenes of migrating birds make a squawking noise which photographer Mke Hollingshead found nearly unbearable.

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Revealed in every tiny detail: The secret life of harvest mice

Safe as houses: A harvest mouse keeps watch from the safety of its nest made from Phragmites reeds

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Photo of shark breaking through the water wins underwater competition

A Humpback Whale Calf Swimming to The Surface of The Ocean, as Adults Glide Below Him. (Photo By: © Craig McInall.)

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Is this the world's cutest kitten? Daisy the tabby becomes instant internet sensation after heartwarming pictures are posted online

Famous cat 3. Narrow squeak: You can't be too careful when there's a mouse in the house. This is Daisy of Internet fame.

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The oceans' spookiest inhabitant... the GHOST WHALE

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French Bulldog Puppies sleeping with their Dad. Please click link to watch video, I have no words❤️❤️❤️ @bullieslife Tag #THEWORLDOFBULLIES for features

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