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Difference Between a Honey Bee and Wasp Yellow Jacket - Check out more barbecue tips and tricks at

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Mosquitos yard spray. I'm not sure what else this would keep away? I prefer to keep it natural around the home, keep the eco system going

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Before you go to the store for wasp spray, check out this listing of 7 natural ways to deter wasps from building nests around your home.

This craft: approx 1 hour to make Supplies needed: small or medium size unblemished fruit. (Oranges, Apples or Lemons) Masking tape or elastic bands paper bag 20-25 grams large headed cloves Spice mixture: 1 tablespoon each: cinnamon, nutmeg,and ground cloves Knitting needle or fork or toothpick 4 drops sandalwood oil (a natural preservative) Ribbons for hanging pomanders.

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A bee balances two water droplets on its back as it perches on a flower. The picture was taken by keen photographer Agus Sudarmanto near Doha, Qatar. He said: "There is no rain at all here so we have to spray water periodically on flowers. This is the reason there were drops on the bee, but it was amazing how it was just delicately balanced on his back."

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