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Yellow Jacket & Wasp Repellent for Patios

Prevention of wasps and yellow jackets. Slice a fresh cucumber into thin slices and arrange them in a single layer on an aluminum pie plate. The cucumber must be fresh – the pan must be aluminum. The cucumber reacts with the aluminum and gives off a chemical reaction/scent that is undetectable to humans but drives wasps and yellow-jackets away and makes them flee the area.

from The Green Head - Finds Cool New Stuff!

Faux Wasp Nest - All-Natural Wasp Deterrent

I wonder if these really work?? Faux Wasp Nest - All-Natural Wasp Deterrent

from Dengarden

6 Tips to Get Rid of Pesty Mosquitos, Ants, and Wasps

Another way to get rid of wasps! Tried this yesterday and today wasps are gone!! lots of great tips here- brown bag simulates a wasp nest so they will avoid- check out rest of advice!


Paper bag wasp nests - to keep the wasps away. Fill the paper bag with plastic bags and make it look "nest like". This will deter wasps from making a nest in the same area.