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Was Jesus Black

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The Constantine Myth of Black Icon Destruction

The Constantine Myth of Black Icon Destruction | Desert Fathers Dispatch

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HMV on Oxford Street – a history in pictures

HMV 363 Oxford Street, London. 1950's


This photo is a grear illustration of bondage because, as you can see, the string around the woman is fairly thin and could be easily broken, therefore, her bondage is an illusion. This concept is best illustrated in the novel when an illusionist "traps" her audience by seemingly making the exits disappear, causing a panic. However, in truth, the viewers were never truly trapped, thus making their bondage only as resticting as they allowed it to be.

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Elvis Presley: The return of the King

The King this was his "comeback".... I think'in man he's cooler now than he…

Before the Renaissance period all of the biblical icons all over the world depicting Jesus Christ was of this image until they were all changed.


A pilgrimage to see the Black Madonna at Altötting in Germany

Altotting, Germany - Chapel of Grace. For more than 500 years this town has been…

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This is one of the only pictures of Queen Victoria smiling. I think this was around the time of her Golden Jubilee. For special occasions, she would wear white shawls and other accent pieces with her black mourning.