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Lessons from the Warsaw Ghetto for Americans Today

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Warsaw Ghetto, smashed into the ground by German forces, according to Adolf Hitler`s order, after the suppressing of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943. North-west view, left - the Krasinski`s Garden and Swietojerska street, photo taken in 1950.

Jews are marched through the streets of the Warsaw ghetto on the way to the railway for 'deportation'.


Warsaw ghetto in Poland, 1941. As we look at these children with heavy, grieving hearts, remember there are orphans all over the world who are in the same circumstances in 2014. AND YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TO EASE THEIR SUFFERING BY FINDING LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATIONS WHO HELP THEM WITH FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER...PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THEM LIKE THE GERMAN CITIZENS DID IN THE 1940'S


Warsaw, Poland, A starving child in a ghetto street, 1941. One of the photographs taken by the German photographer Willi George over the course of a single day in the summer of 1941. The photographs are unique in that they were not staged, but showed the ghetto as it truly was.