Warm Turmeric Cinnamon Milk Spice Mix. I'm giving this as kitchen gifts this year. Comes with printable gift tags.

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This tasty bedtime drink also does a great job at relieving pain (especially arthritis) and boosting blood circulation!

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Golden milk recipe - Golden milk is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that boosts your immune system helping to combat colds, cough, inflammation, joint pain and so much more. It’s so delicious even your kids will ask for more!

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Horchata: cinnamon rice milk - A Mexican creamy rice milk with blended cinnamon, vanilla, and honey that is perfect for a hot, summery day. This is so refreshing to drink when served over ice cubes. - savorytooth.com via @savory_tooth

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A cup before bedtime contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and circulation-boosting properties in a warm, deliciously soothing drink.

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Vanilla Turmeric Tea Latte recipe - Almond milk, turmeric, ginger, and vanilla, heated and frothed! A cozy mug of golden milk is as comforting as it is healthy. Take this recipe and customize however you'd like. Vegetarian with vegan option. #lovemysilk

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How to Get Kids on Sleep Schedule with Warm Honey Vanilla Milk - this recipe is awesome and I think I will try it for myself!

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Created By The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter.THE HEALTHY CHEF - Purely Delicious is available through thehealthychef.com eStore.

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A vegan homemade and healthy chai latte alternative to the sugar laden (but delicious) Starbuck's version. A comforting and healing hot drink for cold days.

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