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Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters


"Is He Your Child? You don't want this! Buy War Bonds before it's TOO LATE!" ~ WWII era poster of an American child wearing a cap with a Nazi insignia...Not propaganda at all :D


I gave a man - War bond poster, 1941 #propaganda #worldwar2


WW2 New Zealand poster encouraging investing in war bond savings

from Etsy

Art Print US Air Force War Bonds Advert Print World War II 8 x 10

US Air Force War Bonds Advert Print World War II 8 x 10 Prints from old-time Posters. This one was put out by the US Government to encourage patriotic people to buy War Bonds. It dates from the 1940s - World War II. Lovely old Poster advert and particularly for anyone who took part in the program so long ago. Heres to them! I will be listing more of these Posters in the coming days - please check back for the new arrivals. 16

from Marie Claire

1940s Fashion: The Decade Captured In 40 Incredible Pictures

Models On Bond Street, London, 1942 The wartime look in Britain became much more austere as the years went by. This was the first collection of Utility Dresses for Women, designed by Norman Hartnell in 1942, and showcased on a very quiet Bond Street.


WWII.i remember my grandpa had some of these left he showed us grand kids..


glamour, cockpit, formation, eyes on the skies


In service of our country 1941. She donned a uniform & went on fund raising tours


World War 2 Poster (American) #propaganda #worldwar2