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The Porter full wall bed with a desk built in is a truly unique and versatile piece. Transform your home office into a room that is available and ready for guests in no time! Plus, the self leveling desk always maintains its orientation, even when the bed is open.


Nuovoliola Queen Wall Beds


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Possible Murphy's bed along longest wall in family room ... Put dining room table in front of it??


DIY Murphy Beds

DIY Murphy Beds! • Tons of ideas and tutorials! • Browse this post and pick one of these murphy bed projects!


How To Live Large In A Tiny Home – think you can live in such a small space? Well, many young professionals, students and first-time buyers are jumping at the chance to live in these smaller spaces.


Stuart David Home Furnishings

With a bi-fold bookcase wall bed, you can take convertible furniture to a whole new level. Make use of the normally blank front by storing books, pictures, anything you want! Then when you need to, fold them out of the way to pull your bed down for a restful night sleep in your handmade Murhpy bed from Stuart David Home Furnishings. Get one in your custom selection of real wood, finish, and hardware today!


Stuart David Home Furnishings

What do you get when you combine a wall bed with style, function, local craftsmen, and a variety of custom options? Why, the Ashby Murphy Bed from Stuart David Home Furnishings, of course! Make your wall bed look the way you want it to with our wide selection of configuration, real wood, finishes, and hardware.


Fold down space saving wall bed. Why sleep on an uncomfortable sofa-bed just because you have space for a normal bed? This stow away bed was designed and built by Carpentry.London, it features a full size king size mattress and is made for everyday use. When folded up it takes minimal floor space and looks very discrete. It can be folded down in less then a minute and folded back up just as quick.


This wall bed is a great way to organize and sort your space so everything is easily accessible. The ample drawer space allows a clean, well designed space where everything is tucked out of site.