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Wake Gov

Obama's New Bunker - White House Tunnel System and Underground Command Center

Kick Islam out of America!!


9/30/13 ▶ Trunews Exclusive: Ret. South Dakota State Senator, Sheldon R. Songstad gives an urgent warning concerning the convergence of events taking place on or around the first of October..... measures being taken by FEMA, DHS & the CDC in preparation for an unspecified disaster to an unexplained uptick in military training of both foreign and domestic troops... ‘Is all the hoopla surrounding a GOV'T SHUTDOWN just A SMOKESCREEN for something much bigger?’


That was not a decision made by the president. A decision to fly flags at half staff for prominent residents of specific states is made by the governor of the state. The flags were half staff only in New Jersey for Whitney Houston's death, a decision made by Chris Christie. GOV. PERRY, of Texas did not make the decision to so honor Chris Kyle. You can read about this in Title 4 of the united States Code Chapter 1 Section 7

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True   #Infographic #Conspiracy #Government

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True #Infographic #Conspiracy #Government


Geoengineering - David Icke Website I truly believe this is true.


HAARP-in Alaska - scary stuff!//Yeah Google HAARP and see what else it can project into the sky...and also see its effects with Hurricane Katrina...our governments delayed response to help the victims in Louisiana. Think.

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March Against...

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'We're going to get the b***ards': 9/11 notes from one of Bush's aides

President George W. Bush talks on the phone with New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and Gov. George Pataki aboard Air Force One in the wake of the attacks on September 11

Is The US Gov Preparing To Declare A National Emergency To Postpone The ...