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If "Did Not Vote" Had Been A Candidate In The 2016 US Presidential Election, It Would Have Won By a Landslide

from the Guardian

After the election of Donald Trump, we will not mourn. We will organize

Though in public opinion polls, rightwing issues were rarely supported by more than a third of the country, their representatives were elected and re-elected by unlimited corporate contributions, gerrymandering by state legislatures, and low voter turnout. They took and kept control of the once centrist Republican party that had produced Margaret Chase Smith and was the first to support the equal rights amendment. Now, we need to be aware that this obstructionist minority is still hooked on…

from The Independent

This is Trump's path to victory - and it looks increasingly likely

Trump's path to 270: What Donald Trump needs to do to become President of the United States

from Salon

Bernie Sanders has a turnout problem: Young people can lead a movement, but they rarely send candidates to victory

By contrast, the turnout rates among adults ages 65 and older in 2012 and 2008 was 71.9 percent and 70.3 percent, respectively. And in the last midterm election (2014), youth voter turnout was a paltry 19.9 percent.

from the Guardian

Clown sightings: the day the craze began

‘I saw them. They ran off into the woods just as I came out. They’re trying to scare us’.

Enviros Hope Global Warming Will Increase Voter Turnout To DEFEAT Trump joe rommEnvironmental activists are really hoping, sarcastically or not, higher-than-normal temperatures increase voter turnout to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

from Washington Post

About 100 million people couldn’t be bothered to vote this year

About 100 million people couldn’t be bothered to vote this year - The Washington Post

from the Guardian

You may hate Donald Trump. But do you want Facebook to rig the election against him?

The company’s dominance means it can easily manipulate voter behavior. Though it claims it won’t, just the possibility is a threat to democracy