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‘I saw them. They ran off into the woods just as I came out. They’re trying to scare us’.

from Upworthy

Who Votes More: Women Or Men?

Nearly 66% of women voted in the 2008 election, compared with 61.5% of men. Keep up the great work, ladies! We have even more at stake this year


If attendance at their respective rallies is any indicator of voter turnout for the candidates, Hillary is in deep, deep trouble.


Suddenly the democrats are dying for the votes of everyone they shoved aside during the primaries.

from Jonathan Milner

Tuesday Voting

Why Do We Vote on Tuesdays? Use this infographic to spark discussion in your classroom.


Democrats unveil ad series to boost minority voter turnout


The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years

We are electing the worst kind of people simply because we don't vote. What kind of world do you want to leave your children, a racist bigot filled republican nightmare? Vote before it's no longer legal.

from Mail Online

Will & Grace cast reunites for mini-episode to boost voter turnout

'Vote, honey!' Will & Grace's Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally reunited to boost voter turnout in a video shared Monday

from WSJ

Donald Trump’s New Attack Strategy: Curb Clinton Vote

Donald Trump’s New Attack Strategy: Keep Clinton Voters Home - WSJ