Chris Adkisson (1969 - 1991) was an American wrestler, best known under the ring name Chris Von Erich of the Von Erich family. Frustrated and depressed over the deaths of his brothers (especially the 1987 suicide of brother Mike), and the inability to make headway as a wrestler due to his physical build, Chris shot himself in the head on September 12, 1991, eighteen days before his 22nd birthday.

Lieutnant Walter von Bülow-Bothkamp (24 April 1894 – 6 January 1918), Pour le Merite, Military Order of Saint Henry, Iron Cross was a German fighter ace from an aristocratic family who was credited with 28 victories. On 6 January 1918, Walter von Bülow-Bothkamp led his wingmen into a dogfight against No. 23 and No. 70 Squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps near Ypres. He did not survive. RFC aces Captain Frank G. Quigley and Captain William M. Fry are believed to be his conquerors.


The 6 children of Princess Olga Paley, 1911.From her 1st marriage to Erich von Pistohlkors-Alexander von Pistohlkors, Olga von Pistohlkors and Marianna von Pistohlkors.From her 2nd marriage to Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich Romanov of Russia-Prince Vladimir Pavlovich Paley,Princesses Irina and Natalie Pavlovna Paley. "AL"

I think "the Texas Tornado" was one of the best wrestling nicknames of all time. I mean, to be nicknamed after a natural disaster, that's the kind of nickname a guy could be proud of. The guy was treated like a rock star in Texas but proved fame and success wasn't enough to make for a happy life. R.I.P.

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