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27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz

For some people, cooking is a joy and they can whip up delicious dishes like a gastronomical genius. For others, the smoke detector is their most frequently used kitchen appliance and the only thing they make is a mess (or reservations). Regardless of...


Metric conversion chart- This is for Pat and anyone who pinned the Chocolate, Peanutbutter cake recipe. Hope this helps.

Baking Conversion Chart | An American Cupcake in London  If using a food scale for cooking, this chart makes conversion easy.

Weight to Volume Conversion (Online Units Converter) - use for cooking when the batteries go flat on your scales or your mechanical ones are in storage!


A measuring guide for the home cook on basic value conversions

A good infographic is more than just words and pictures; it communicates information in a simple way, streamlining and organizing to make things easier to understand. In our modern lives, when time…


Cups to grams weight converter

American cups to UK grams weight converter-super useful for when you don't want to mess about with cups.