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Voip Providers

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VOIP Service Providers in India

IP Momentum is one of the most valued VoIP Service Providers in India because of its dedicated services and economical packages. We are known for the quality of calls made internally and internationally, making it cost-effective for marketers to invest in our VoIP Service Plans. While some businesses are still struggling with land-phones and trying to juggle calling costs, here’s your chance to escape the monotony! For further details, Contact IP Momentum at 1800 11 2583 for TOLL FREE! Visit now.Our Services-US Limitless Calling -UK Limitless Calling -Australian Unlimited Calling -Europe Limitless Calling -Global Limitless Calling -US Cost Free Number Corporation -UK Cost Free Number Corporation Available Products -Cisco IP Phone -Polycom IP Phone -Cisco ATA 186 Adapter -Cisco Linksys PAP2 -Snom IP Phone -Grandstream HandyTone ATA 286 -SIPURA SPA 2000 Adapter -InnoMedia MTA 6328Re Contact us Toll free Number: 1800 11 2583 Email: 70/25, 80ft Circular Road, ...

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