Eastern Bank Taps Nuance Voice Biometrics to Innovate the Customer Experience; Becomes First in North America to Replace Security Questions with Voice Biometric Authentication. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/eastern-bank-taps-nuance-voice-biometrics-to-innovate-the-customer-experience-becomes-first-in-north-america-to-replace-security-questions-with-voice-biometric-authentication-2015-06-18

Speech #recognition (aka “voice biometrics”) is a rising #biometric #modality for #identification in a host of settings.

guest was Raúl Jareño from Mobbeel, who provides @biometric security solutions (iris, #voice, #face, hand geometry, signature recognition… and more to come) for Android and iOS devices.

Software on the mobile phone then has the job of comparing the user’s voice with both files and deciding which is authentic, like a multiple choice quiz. It then sends back the answers to this ‘quiz’ rather than transmitting the voice recording.

SecureIDNews - Voice biometrics cranks up the volume: “Voice biometrics uses the physical characteristics of the voice process in a human for identity verification,” says Walter Hamilton, senior consultant, ID Technology Partners and vice chairman for the International Biometrics and Identification Association.

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