AND HE CUDDLES PUPPIES. | 32 Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Is Only Human

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Vladimir Putin swimming with dolphins. Just prior to this the dolphins attacked a journalist, biting his leg and drawing blood.

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7 Reasons Vladimir Putin Is the World's Craziest Badass | ... Just for a little humor :)

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Vladimir Putin speaks more honestly than most leaders of the world. Don't believe what you here from the media!. They have "all" been bought off from telling the truth!. They want you to believe this is the enemy!. Having an enemy creates fear among people, this in turn keeps the war machine turning over with big businesses selling arms and such. Ask yourselves this; if there was peace on earth... who stands to lose Trillions of dollars from unsold Rockets, Tanks, Jetfighters etc etc ?. :)

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Vladimir Putin- Admire him for all the improvements he has made to Russia although there are a few things that could be improved upon

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PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - JULY, 31 (RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a celebration of Navy Day on July 31, 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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