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Vladimir Putin Quotes

Sometimes it is necessary to be lonely in order to prove that you are right. Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin speaks more honestly than most leaders of the world. Don't believe what you here from the media!. They have "all" been bought off from telling the truth!. They want you to believe this is the enemy!. Having an enemy creates fear among people, this in turn keeps the war machine turning over with big businesses selling arms and such. Ask yourselves this; if there was peace on earth... who stands to lose Trillions of dollars from unsold Rockets, Tanks, Jetfighters etc etc ?. :)

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Putin Says Mitt ‘Mistaken’ on Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that a Romney presidency could widen a rift between the United States and Russia over missile defense in an interview on Thursday. Romney has called Russia America’s “no. 1 geopolitical foe” Putin expressed concern about how a Romney presidency would affect the long-running dispute over U.S.-led NATO plans to place elements of a missile-defense system in Europe.

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The 16 Most Homoerotic Photos Of Vladimir Putin

If he put this on Grindr, my God, his in-box would crash. | The 16 Most Homoerotic Photos Of Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin is no saint, but he speaks the truth when it all boils down to "The Truth"

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Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference.

Vladimir Putin #putin #russia #politics -

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