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Vitiligo Michael Jackson

That Michael Jackson Had Vitiligo Is No Longer Up For Debate. What DOES Remain Debatable, However, Is To What Extent His Appearance Changes Were Aesthetic Choices

Little Michael Jackson with his grandfather, who also had vitiligo.

Old Photo Of Michael Jackson

Is it just me or does he still look beautiful? ☺️☺️☺️ poor Mikey


Yes very true .--->I think I changed more from 1987 to 2008 than he did! Of course this picture is not in color, so you can't see the change in skin color, but the world now knows about his vitiligo. I recently learned that some media deliberately altered his pictures to make him look weird. My heart bleeds for what he went through so cruelly and needlessly.

Michael Jackson through the years. To all the haters he wasn't a freak he had vitiligo which killed the pigmentation of his skin and grew old like everyone else


Because of his Vitiligo disease, he was allergic to sunlight. Thats why he had to walk around with an umbrella.