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Vitamins In Watermelon

There’s everything to love about watermelon. A simple summer treat. A frosty beverage with vodka. And now: the prettiest dessert you’ll see this year. Wish I’d had this in time for our neighborhood Fourth of July party! I love the supreme Gluten-Free nature of this cake, too. Watermelon “Cake” Ingredients: - 1 …


Dragon Fruit Indigenous to Central America but is also grown and exported from several Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam. Obtained from several cactus species, its succulent stem provides the uniquely delicious fruit with moisture in the arid climates where it grows. #GlobalEats #GlobeIn


Watermelons is not only everyone's favorite summer fruit, it's also a beauty must! Low in calories and high in vitamins A and C, watermelon is said to help hydrate skin and fight free radicals with its large amount of lycopene (a potent antioxidant). #angiosperms


Vitamin Cures for Fantastic Skin

Glowing skin juice - watermelon is high in water content and very hydrating to the skin...Drink up!


21 Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried (with pictures)

just because you are exercising regularly its not an excuse to eat whatever junk food you want. Look at food as a way to fuel your body & all the vitamins, minerals, & the other natural benefits it gives you. For example, I cant get enough of rasberries during the summer because they are a natural anti-inflammitory. In a nutshell, you really are what you eat!



Watermelon, has the highest concentrations of lycopene of any fresh fruit or veggie which helps fight heart disease & several types of cancer. It contains citrulline & arginine, which can help maintain arteries, blood flow & overall cardiovascular function. It helps in the treatment of many infections in the body, including inflammation of the joints. It is rich in calcium which aids in the preservation & strengthening of bone structures. It can also help with healing gout. #dherbs


Watermelon Foods that are high in water content take up more room in the gut, Leslie Bonci says. This signals to the body that you've had enough to eat and leaves less room for other food. Many raw fruits and vegetables are full of water and nutrients, b

Watermelon, feta and avocado salad

This quick gluten-free recipe contains watermelon, which is rich in B-vitamins, potassium and magnesium. Avocados contain oleic acid, which plays a role in lowering cholesterol.