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Comfrey Leaf Extract 1 oz. by Best Botanicals. Save 10 Off!. $9.00. The Comfrey Leaf Extract traditional uses are for treating damaged muscles and broken bones, The leaf tea can help inflamed, ulcerated digestive tracts and coughs. The leaf poultices historically used to reduce swelling and bruising around sprains, arthritic joints, speeds healing of cuts, burns, open sores, and eczema.

October 20th, World Osteoporosis Day. Go to for links to more information.*


#Caltrate 600 60 Tabs - Caltrate is a supplement for women who do not get enough calcium in their diets or have a need for more calcium. Calcium supplements may reduce the rate of bone loss and help prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones).

Pharmanex Lifepak Prenatal Dietary Supplement (60 Packets) by Pharmanex.Provides calcium and magnesium for comprehensive bone nutrition support. Provides safe, effective amounts of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the general health and wellness of pregnant and lactating women nutrition support. upplies a comprehensive blend of nutrients to support a healthy cardiovascular system nutrition support. Provides inositol, important for normal hormone function.

Coreplex Chewable Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 90 Caplets by Advocare. $22.75. Supports healthy bone, muscle and connective tissue for all ages*. Chewable multivitamin/mineral in great tasting orange and cherry flavors. Encourages immune health*. Great multivitamin/mineral for the whole family (ages 4 and older). Helps support healthy growth and development in children*. CorePlex Chewable Some families may not have their nutritional status at the top of their...

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Heart-Healthy Cooking: Oils 101

Heart-Healthy Cooking: Oils 101 — Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic

7 Foods With Vitamin D You Should Be Eating More Of | To stay healthy, we all need to increase our vitamin D levels to an average daily intake of 10 micrograms, Public Health England has advised.Vitamin D is essential for controlling the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, which keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.